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"The Double S Is Definitely Suggested By A Numerologist" - Ssumeir

By: Sabia | November 8, 2016

With a towel topped up on the head , colourful Velcro rollers, a pair of oversized pink spectacles and that green coloured face pack, he has catapulted the  fame with his Pammi Aunty videos. Ssumeir Pasricha aka Pammi Aunty has stormed the internet with his amusing videos and here is an exclusive chit chat with the man behind this typical Punjabi aunty!

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Sabia Manchanda from GhaintPunjab talks to Pammi Aunty and unveils the secrets he has never shared before.

As for the meaning of his name he says, “There is no real meaning to it but yes the double S is definitely suggested by a numerologist and has helped me with fame and name which happened to be in the year 2009 when I got my first break in Bollywood with ‘Hum, Tum aur Shabana’.”

Ssumeir has been into theatre since the age of ten and respects the field a lot. Born in Delhi but spent most of his growing years in Australia he is Punjabi by nature.

Where does he pick up the perfect Punjabi dialect from?

“No one speaks Punjabi in my house but it’s just the instances I remember from my naanis, daadis and aunts or probably one of those nosy neighbours. And then I decide when to use and what to use,” quips Ssumeir.

Known to all, Punjabian Di Kaum Vakhri, what does he have to say about Punjabis?

“Punjabis are the most fun loving, pure hearted people and one should look up to them with utmost respect.”

Ssumeir is born to a Punjabi business family in Delhi but moved to Australia for almost eleven years and he has done it all, be it bar tending, floor mopping or serving people at restaurants.

“Trust me nothing is small in terms of hard work, one should just work whole heartedly and at the end you are earning and paying for your own bills,” suggests Pammi aunty.

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We all can relate to his humorous videos as somewhere in our lives we all have faced those siyaape wali auntiyan, “Thanks to all the Pammi aunties out there that I could get this vision of performing monologue videos and here I am,” laughs Ssumeir.

Pher Ae Pammi Aunty Kidhron Aai?

Ghar pe baitha tha ek snap chat filter attract kar gaya and that’s how Pammi aunty came into being,” says Ssumeir.

But once Ssumeir feels that he is running out of ideas and there is some forced humour he would tape up Pammi aunty’s mouth. Pammi aunty theme based kitty parties are being organized in India as well as abroad and he feels overwhelmed and almost a celebrity.

If Pammi aunty decides to speak in a language other than Punjabi will the impact be the same?

“Definitely not because Punjabi is the paraphernalia for my act and the way Pammi aunty speaks, only Punjabi can do justice to it,” explains Ssumeir.

Other than breaking Pammi aunty videos after almost every three days Ssumeir, who now resides in Mumbai, is busy with theatre and performing plays. Ssumeir’s favourite hobbies are listening to music, dance, astrology, cooking and gossiping.

Born on the 12th of May this Taurian believes that staying away from family makes you independent and you get to know the real value of money and culture.


Did he get to hear Maa Da Ladla Bigadh Gaya after portraying a straight faced woman that too on  social media?

“No one supported me. Being from a typical business family they wanted me to work in the family line,” replies Ssumeir.

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Do we ever get to see Sarla bhenji, MBA, MBA di maa and rest of the characters?

“Not in the near future because the real fun is the monologue itself where Pammi aunty is quite topical and up to date with things happening around,” says Ssumeir.

His latest outing is in the Colors Comedy Nights Bachao where he acts as Pammi aunty but rest of the days he is busy with either photography or theatre.

“Theatre matures you and I can say that proudly after having experienced in the field for nearly fifteen years now.”

Ssumier’s Patiala peg is rather a glass of wine and his favourite delicacy is none other than butter chicken, butter naan and chole bhature.

“Once a Punjabi always a Punjabi. No one can take panga with us and I do what I believe in and the best is people love every bit of Pammi aunty.”

So be it Navratras, Diwali, Janam Ashtami, pollution, cleanliness, Donald Trump or Karva Chauth, Ssumeir has videos for nearly everything.

“That’s how Pammi aunty relates with the common man where she is dukhi from her daughter in law who happens to be an MBA, and has those typical Punjabi expressions to explain the situation.”

He concludes by saying follow your dreams and live your passions because you never know Kal Ho Na Ho.

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