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For Simran Mundi - An Apple A Day Could Get One Hospitalised!

By: Prakriti | September 22, 2016

Simran Mundi just shared a video on her social media and we are shocked after seeing it!

She bought an apple (one of healthiest fruit) from a mall but what happened after that is worth listening to :-[

Here's what the lady had to say:

Bought this #apple from a #mall in #mumbai and found a layer of #wax on it , which i assume was coated on to give the extra shine!! This wax by the way does not come out after u wash the fruit !! #TalkAboutEatingHealthy ??? #iLoveMyIndia ??? #becareful ?

Yes!! The ugly truth behind the shiny red apple is the wax coating on it!

This coating could be really dangerous for one's health and as long as people like Simran don't take up the responsibility to bring such hazardous facts to light, not much will be done against such practices.

After all, every one JUST wants to make money thesedays, no matter what the consequences are!

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