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Sarvaan Movie Review : This Sarvann Was Way Too 'Dishaheen'

By: Gurleen | January 14, 2017

Nope..don't blame demonetization for this movie's fate!

A lot of hype was built around this Punjabi flick and through out the world Miss. Chopra was seen talking about how life changing the film would be but I guess, she didn't have the time to watch it herself.

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Sarvann, a freshly released Punjabi movie starring Amrinder Gill, Ranjit Bawa, Simi Chahal, Anita Meet, Sardar Sohi and others, was supposedly the story of a Canadian guy who finds his roots in Punjab! (Who the eff said it was this!)

It was no where close to anything like finding one's roots..bnda eh ta dsse ke eh aya kithe si munda and kithe ki kri janda si??

Till the interval, Sarvann seemed to be like a confused Marathi flick jidech pta ni kyu baar baar Sikh itehaas prhaya jaa reha si. No, this won't get any sympathy votes for the makers because there is a set genre for such chapters to be preached and we didn't go to the theatre to see Sikh history being taught us.

Dooji gal, did anyone plan anything for the movie ya bus rabb de bhaane hee bngai film?

Seeing the screenplay, dialogues and unwanted characters in the movie, it seemed like no one actually did any homework for this film. Canada di shooting velle othe kath krleya and India time ethe. Was there a need of such characters who seemed to have been just lost as the movie progressed??

Na ji na even after the interval only 20 minutes were tolerable and usto baad again the film went back to it's clumsiness. Nothing seems to have worked for Sarvann..nothing at all.

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The only good part about Sarvann were two actors - Ranjit Bawa as Amrik the temporary teacher and Anita Meet, Sarvann's mother.

Amrinder Gill was talking in Hindi in the first half and in the second half he was to go to Bidar and ends up reaching a god forsaken girl's pind and then never looks back ke oh actually canada to aya hee kyun si and yeah...Canada vaale vi bhulgae ke bai ji ehnanu maarna si shayad..bus 4-5 gore dikhate bndooka frhke ke hanji labhrhe ne...DUHHHH

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As Paali, Simi Chahal was a complete irritant. There was something seriously wrong with her dialogue delivery in this movie, it was way too casual. Eda lag hee nahi reha si that she is acting in a film, it seemed as if she's bossing around in her college or geri route! Her make up was loud and too noticeable for a pind di kudi who's changa bhala parivaar wants her to get married to a guy jisdi family stays in a house jithe chatt vi ni haigi and jithe munde nu ik nva pen lena vi aukha aa.

I wonder what the parents were thinking.

After Bambukat, I personally had a lot of expectations from this actress but now it all seems to have shattered.

Amberdeep himself also jumps into the movie as a taxi driver and I just couldn't understand as to why he was there and that too speaking in Hindi?? Kithe ehna saareyan nu eh ta ni lgreha that such a thing would fetch them a role in a Bollywood movie?? Trust me it was very disappointing to see all this Marathi stuff in a Punjabi movie that boasts about Punjabi roots and culture.

Actors like Sardar Sohi were wasted.

The background score was haywire, repetitive and completely out of sync with what was going on on the screen.

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Baaki..enough said lets get down to the rating.

Sarvann Rating - 0.5 / 5 - this one is a disaster.

This bogus film would seem more unbelievable to you after exiting the theatre as being an Amrinder Gill starrer just because you've seen better films like Love Punjab and Angrej and Sarvann is just no where close to them both.

Bollywood production houses, please stay in Bollywood, ethe aake saade lokan nu confuse na kro..saada vi mazaa khrab krta upro paise vi lvate ticktaan te...huh!

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