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Sardar Saab Review : Police Department Might Feel Offended!

By: Gurleen | January 8, 2017

At times, there are some movies that pose a direct attack onto the law enforcement agencies, be it in Bollywood or even Hollywood and in Punjabi cinema, Sardar Saab has done just that!

Starring Jackie Shroff, Gugu Gill, Daljeet Kalsi, Karamjeet Anmol, Shivendar Mahal, Neetu Singh, Yaad Grewal, Sardar Sohi and Sudesh Berry, this one is the story of a truck driver who becomes the union leader but his paak saaf treeke lead him into an unfortunate situation where he loses his family and ultimately becomes the undercover maseeha - Sardar Saab.

Gugu Gill plays the younger brother who is always available at Sardar Saab's disposal. Jackie's son is played by Daljeet Kalsi who is sent to New Zealand after the attack and never looks back until he falls in love with a girl played by Neetu Singh.

Neetu's father played by Shivendar Mahal owns a club in New Zealand due to which Daljeet comes into the main picture with the father-daughter duo. The love story progresses and they reach India to meet Daljeet's father for their marital discussions. By the way, Daljeet is shown to be an author in New Zealand and assumes his father to be a businessman. In New Zealand, Daljeet stays with his buaji who has a son named Ladoo, played by Karamjit Anmol. His is the most hilarious characters of all.

Daljeet, his lady love along with her father reach India, the story takes a turn and things get interesting.

Actors Sardar Sohi and Yaad Grewal get into the main picture here and their characters, especially that of Yaad Grewal is very amusing. He has a typical style of dialogue delivery that made me go 'yaar eh actor sahi hai'!

Gugu Gill has a son named Jugraj who is into the same line as his father. Teamed with huge body guards, this guy loves the machoism in his job. His guard, the huge sardaarji Aulakh gets killed in the second half but his character was the most prominent amongst the guards.

Things turn and Daljeet in a way gets into his father's shoes but in a more aggressive and unforgiving way. His confrontation with the law force always shows the corrupt side of the system. be it jail break, corrupt police officers or inability to nab criminal behavior in their jurisdiction.

The dialogue by Daljeet towards the end of the movie is pretty eye opening. We do know that there are many such crimes being committed everyday but all that happens is an FIR and then the case file gets closed due to our corrupt system.

So, the second half seems to be a little stretchy and the Jazzy B song is completely unwanted. It could have just been a promotional song.

The end comes with yet another twist and this one's sure to take you by surprise. Amit Prasher's direction is impressive and the fight scenes are well done.

Overall, Daljeet Kalsi is a promising debutante and has a long way to go, if given a chance by our audiences. Jackie Shroff is typically himself but I love the way he looks in a turban. Yaad Grewal is one actor I am looking forward to see in more films. Gugu Gill and Sardar Sohi don't have much to do in the film besides being just side actors.

Overall Rating - ***/***** (3/5)

This one is content rich and should be watched to give the new film actors a chance to sustain themselves.


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