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"I Would Love To Sing In Punjabi Films" - Neha Bhasin

By: Jaideep | October 22, 2016

Riding high on Success of her latest release 'Laung Gawacha', singer Neha Bhasin believes that singing is a natural talent which can be honed. Fond of Punjabi Folk, she feels that  the world would be a better place with some more tolerance. This singing sensation is all set to come up with a Punjabi rapper soon.

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Here's a tete-e-tete with the Jag Ghomiyaa voice, who terms her journey as a mixed bag of emotions:


Did you always want to pursue singing as a career or it was just a hobby?

I always wanted to pursue singing as a career and I am deeply passionate about it.

You mostly come out with singles and every-time with a new spirit. What keeps you motivated?

My love for music is my reason for living. Life itself keeps me motivated and my fans keep me inspired. I feel the art in me never tires me out and I hope it never does.

'Singers are now getting their due in the industry'. How far do you agree?

I think the dues can be bigger and better. There is a lot of scope for improvement really.

The place that 'Dhunki' and 'Jag Ghoomeya' hold in your career?

Both the songs have cemented my foot stronger in the industry and are great songs to my repertoire. I absolutely love 'em!

After 'Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi' we never saw you acting. Is it not your cup of tea?

I want to do Broadway and musicals.

How do you explore Punjabi folk and how do you find a connection to it?

I have grown up listening to my mother and nani singing these songs. I never heard them on tape but heard my family versions, so my connection to Punjabi folk is strong and though I just recently ventured on this journey I feel it comes very naturally to me.

Post 'Jashna Di Raat Ha' we didn't see you singing Punjabi in a film. Why?

I would love to sing in Punjabi films. In fact I  can't wait to. Its rather unfortunate that I have not had the opportunity yet.

Any plans of coming up with a Punjabi Duet folk song next year?

I have no such plans for now but Maybe.

An actress you would like to lend your voice to?

I think it would be Parineeti Chopra.

We saw you singing for short films like 'The Virgins'. Any plans of directing or producing in future?

I have my hands too full for now, so I think direction and production will have to wait.

Are you open to sing a Sufi song in the time to come?

I think my style already is semi Sufi but it would be nice to do a full fledged sufi song.

Would you agree that singing is an acquired talent? How did you get into singing?

Singing is a natural talent which can be honed. But first god has to gift you the talent, the voice and the musicality. My mum sings very well and she was my first exposure to the art. By the age of 9 I was singing for my school.

With all the hair colors, how do you manage to take care of your locks?

Ha ha ha.. I have strong Punjabi locks and I do take care of them. Pure coconut oil is my poison.

How was the journey of VIVA? Do you still keep in touch with them?

The journey was a mixed bag of emotions. Yes I am in touch with them.

How real is casting-couch in the industry?

I am not sure about it as I have always kept my distance from unwanted situations. But there are many exploiters of different kinds and most like ego massages which I am incapable of.

How was your experience with Punjabi Folk? Did you ever have a bad experience.

No folk has been as beautiful as Punjabi folk and I have a very enriching experience doing it.

What's your take on body-shaming?

I have been body shamed in Viva and it had a lasting impact on me. We create unreal standards in the industry scarring the future of many. Self acceptance has been a very important lesson in my life. I don't have a typical skinny industry body. I am proudly full bodied it made people uncomfortable when I was 13 and full breasted and it does make people awkward now too but what has changed is that I truly don't care anymore.

How interesting do you find reality shows to be?


How different do you find Mumbai to be from Delhi in terms of artistic culture?

They are very different in the type of art that flourishes there.

So after the phenomenal success of Laung Gawacha, what's next?

I am releasing an original Punjabi song composed by me in December, this year featuring a rapper from UK.

Any plans of joining Punjabi Cinema?

Ha ha ha ha, it would be fun. Right?

You have been a part of some reality shows also. Any plans of joining Small Screen in Punjabi?

I would love to but as of now, my 1st aim  is to learn to speak fluent Punjabi. I am a stubborn girl, once I do that i'll go full out.

What's your take on Diljit Dosanjh as one of the top voices from Punjab?

He is simply a great Punjabi voice.

Do you feel that Pakistani artists should be made to leave the country?

Why should anybody be thrown out. They are most welcome. Though my request to Indian creatives is that we have great talent in India too and we have a tendency of getting star struck by anything not Indian due to which sub standard talent creeps in. So my request is if you are getting non Indian talent let it be better than us.


What keeps you Motivated

My never dying spirit keeps me motivated all-time.

Favorite holiday destination

It can be any beach destination where I can just lie by the sea and sip coconut water.

One thing that can make a woman’s life better?

Self love

What depresses Neha?

Hatred depresses me.

Favorite cuisine


One Beauty tip

Pure Argan oil applied under eyes before sleep

Has fame affected you as a person?

Yes it has made me more humble than before.

High heels or flat.

High heels

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Your Favorite designer

It has to be Christian Louboutin.

Your present crush

It's Bradley Cooper

Favorite Punjabi actor

Non other than Gurdas Maan Ji.

The song currently on your mind

Side to side by Ariana grande

Favorite Attire

The shortest shorts, T-shirt and Chappals.

One thing you hate the most


That one quality which you wish the world develops


One message for our readers

Just Keep smiling, it's calorie free ;)

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