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Here's Why Visiting Patna Sahib This Year Got Even More Exciting!

By: Maddy | December 30, 2016

The Prakashotsava is just around the corner and Patna Junction has been given a swanky look to provide a warm welcome to the Sikh devotees visiting Patna Sahib.

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The Railways are leaving no stone unturned to provide basic amenities. Big banners welcoming the devotees and help desk centres set up by the district administration are taking people by surprise.What has added to the festive mood at the junction is Punjabi announcement by railway staff. "Ji aaya nu, thodda Patna di dharti te swagat hai (You are welcome to the land of Patna)". This announcement by a railway staff caught 70-year-old Gurucharan Kaur, who reached the junction along with her daughter Ravinder Kaur on Wednesday, by surprise.

Gurucharan was happy after she was welcomed in Punjabi because it was the only language she could understand. Her daughter, however, can speak in both Hindi and Punjabi.Sikh passengers were heard singing 'Gurubani' as a inter state train from Punjab reached its destination. Slogans like 'Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ki Fateh' rent the air at the junction. For the first time, two scanner machines have been installed at Patna Junction for security purpose.

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Happy Gurupurab to all!

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