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"I Am Just A Young Naïve Director And Actor" Says Parmish Verma

By: Team | April 12, 2016

Having done theatre for more than a decade, this actor turned director opens his heart out while having a chit chat with Prabhsimar Kaur and here's what Parmish Verma had to say:


1)His parents are very well versed with the Punjabi language, storytelling and poems which were a huge part of his childhood. Apart from this he has been doing theater from a young age. Not only has he acted but also directed different plays. When it comes to songs he tries to understand what that song is saying and how it should be portrayed on screen.


2)He gets his inspiration from scenes or shots from films, be it of any language. He admits that if he gets a chance to fit that in a song, he does it!

3) His belief is that for peppy songs beats are important and similarly for a romantic song lyrics are important because that’s where you get the whole feel of the song to understand the emotions and intensity of the lyricist and singer.


4)Acting is his first love! He has done acting/theater for 10-12 years and direction is his passion. He says,"It’s like one is my wife and other is my mistress".

5)The first song he wanted to direct was Yaar Parmeeetya by Gurdas Maan Ji. He has been following Punjabi music industry from that time. He aspired to make music videos from a young age.

6)Before Thokda Reha he confesses improvising just because he was new to the industry. But after a couple of learning incidents, where he heard some singers and changed his concepts; he decided to get stubborn about his ideologies.

7)If he is not happy with the concept there is no way on the earth he would step on set.

Tu Daata Daataar, Tera Ditta Khaavna.. ???? Aaj Ghare Baba Ji Di Beerh De Parkaash Di ik Photo...!

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8)He believes his job is to give the viewers something to think and talk about, something that would stick to their mind for them to inquire “who’s the director of the song?".

9)He feels that the people of Punjab are very smart. According to him no one is that dumb that he would see a gun in the song and after watching, he would pick up a gun and kill people! "We watch English, Hindi and many other films all the time and see the hero fighting that’s the whole concept, not to pump up anyone to use ammunition" Parmish explains.

How's the Sunday...?!?? How you all Doing :) ?? #ParmishVerma

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10)He claims that the Punjabi music industry is neck to neck with other industries like Bollywood and even Hollywood for that matter. Most of the Punjabi songs are played in the pubs and people who understand the language are connecting with it very well and this one is the best phase for Punjabi music industry.

By the way did you know he too is as kaloli as any other Punjabi?? Here watch to believe:

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