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Demonetisation: Jaspal Bhatti's Nonsense Club Organises Jugaadu Black Money Awards!

By: Team | November 26, 2016

Sector 17 Chandigarh was oozing with energy today and the reason for celebration was a hatke award ceremony!

While everywhere in the country everyone’s mood was somber due to demonetization, Jaspal Bhatti’s Nonsense Club was host to a glittering awards ceremony. It was time to honor the brave and courageous blackmarketeers who had heroically faced the circumstances in the ‘Jugaadu Black Money Awards”.

(Savita Bhatti Receives Special Honour At Melbourne Parliament)

Welcoming everyone to the awards ceremony Savita Bhatti of the Nonsense Club said that everywhere in media, it was being highlighted that common man was suffering because of the PM’s initiative of demonetization.

“Why is there so much of hue and cry over some thousands of rupees in an honest man’s bank account? And if the poor and common man has to stand for hours in queues for days and days, what’s new about it? Don’t we do it everyday for everything?”

And even if people had lost their lives in queues, from when did common man’s lives matter anyway?

It was only when the rich were displaced that we should take notice. The amount of hardship faced by the rich, the corrupt to hide away their black money was really a story of grit, determination and courage. It was only to honor these bravehearts that the Nonsense Club had organized this awards ceremony.

Amidst a thunderous applause she felicitated the following:

  • Shri Vinod Sharma- for bravely distributing his black money through fake accounts, to give advance salaries to his domestic helpers and for intelligently calculating all the commission the fake account holders would receive.

  • Shrimati Pummy Sidhu- a brave housewife who had amassed lacs secretively from her husband. She is now bravely facing the scathing comments by her husband and her in laws.

  • Shri Lalli Gill – for making endless ‘chakkars’ to the jewellery shop to get rid of all his black money. The night long yet secretive transactions speak a lot for this brave man.

  • Shri Gurtej Tej- for having to leave a settled, posh life to a tedious life of searching through garbage to hide his bags of black money.

  • Shri Navneet Singh- for having to start again from scratch in the business of printing fake currency. But his courage paid off for now fake currency is flourishing in the market.

  • Shri Ashok Sharma- for having to go through multiple medical procedures to exhaust his black money. His wife has also been spending endless hours in the parlour doing cosmetic procedures, while their children are left wailing in the house.

Savita Bhatti congratulated the winners and asked people to be inspired by them.

nonsense club

The Nonsense Club members then sang a parody on the lines of ‘mehngai maar gayi’ from the film ‘Roti, Kapda aur makaan’ to sum up the programme;

“Kisi ko bank line ki lambayi maar gayi

Pati ki jaib se rakam jo churayi maar gayi

Wah wah re Modi, teri yeh karvayi maar gayi

Humko to yaaron, noton ki chapai maar gayi

Humko to  jaali noton ki chapai maar gayi

Humri koi baat samjhe ke ji kahan jaye hum

Lekar yeh kalaa dhan bolo kahan chipaye hum

Isko koi white karde agar kisi main hai dumm

Kai din se humko iski chupp chipai maar gayi

Kise se zara bhi aankh milai maar gayi

Uppar se 31 dec ai ke aie maar gayi

Humko to yaaron noton ki chapai maar gayi

Humko to jaali noton ki chapai maar gayi….

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