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No Partying?? Aww Here's What You Can Do At Home This New Year's Eve!

By: Team | December 31, 2016

Blame it on demonetization or cash crunch, in case you are staying at home for any reason on this new year's eve then we have to take care of you as well!

After all what are friends for?

Chalo thanks baadch kaheo, lemme tell you about all the things that you can do at home when the world is busy partying their way into 2017:

1) Write a journal

2)Dance the night away

3)Hang out with friends

4)Try a new restaurant

5) Cosy up in a bed with your favorite books

6) Spend time with family

7) Cook something special

8) Click Selfies

9)Been Shopping? Try Your New Clothes

10) Just Snuggle up and enjoy the cozy times!

Happy New Year 2017 buddies :-)

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