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Special Feature : It's Time To Think Beyond Parties This New Year

By: Ishpreet | December 28, 2016

A vibe of exhilaration and celebration hits us all when we step into the New Year. The New Year’s Eve is the time when people bid a gratified farewell to the previous year and welcome the coming year with positive energies and new resolutions. People usher in the New Year with their loved ones, dancing and celebrating it in the most vibrant manner.

Where some people stick to parties for welcoming the year; others prefer to do something distinct. Ultimately the aim is to greet the year with a bunch of happiness.

New Year’s celebrations should not be restricted to just one night of partying. There's so much more one can do!

Yeah yeah you want to celebrate the New year will full on fervour and enthusiasm but hey! isn't it also the beginning of an opportunity to set new resolutions? You can be a better person and well..not to forget someone who can make a change in your society.

As an individual, we get a chance to adopt new ideologies and change for the better. A lot can happen in a year so embrace new hobbies and work hard on making your dreams a reality.

As New Year is knocking the door, our correspondent, Ishpreet, spoke with the people of tricity, who shared what makes their New Year special. These people will inspire you to think beyond the usual ways of celebrating this new year.

Aman, founder member of Aashray NGO

'Every year in December, our NGO, Aashray, in association with other corporate companies and organisations, organise Winter Clothing Drive for New Year, wherein we distribute winter clothes, blankets and food to the marginalised section of the society.  The clothes are packed as per different sizes and age groups to facilitate the distribution. RJ Golmaal Gagan, 94.3 My FM, is the brand ambassador of this drive. For us, celebration is spreading happiness among the weaker sections of our society.'

Vyom Sharma, Advocate shares

‘For me, New Year is all about setting new resolutions and sticking to them. These resolutions are focussed towards making me a better person. Every year, I make a list of resolutions and try my best to achieve them throughout the year. Believe it or not, I take my resolutions seriously!’ *grin*

Kartik, an ardent rider, popular as Ryder Baba, shares how every year he ventures out to some destination on his favourite bike, Indian Chief Classic.

Further he says, ‘The ride gives me a feel of ecstasy and I just cannot think of another way to start my year.’

Talking to Rohit Sharma, Second Officer (Merchant Navy)

He shares, ‘As a merchant navy officer, duty comes prior to celebration. Though the New Year’s Eve on the ship is marked by fun and merrymaking, the priority for any officer is his work. We cannot afford to neglect our work at any time. The operations of the ship go hand in hand with the celebrations.'

Japneet Bawa, a clairvoyant, shares, ‘My New Year celebration is all about spending time with my family especially my daughter.

I prefer to keep it a private affair rather than going out for parties.

Rajat Thakur, an entrepreneur, shares, ‘Well my family hosts a dinner party for close friends and acquaintances, which goes up till midnight.

As the clock strikes 12, we all gather around to cut cake and welcome yet another year with a beatific smile and much rapture.’

Gaurav Goyal (GG), a budding singer, shares, ‘I kick start the year with my family and friends. But for me New Year is not only about parties and celebration. I want everyone to welcome the year with a smile, especially the needy.

Therefore, on 1st January every year, I distribute food and blankets to the poor in tricity. This is how I am doing my bit for the society.'

Prerna, a student, shares, ‘Every year I plan a camping trip with my friends.

All of us cook food and play games near the bonfire. As the New Year rings in, we dance and celebrate it in the most happening manner.’

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