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Motor Mitraan Di Promises To Be Hilariously Content Rich & A Family Flick!

By: Gurleen | December 25, 2016

Punjabi industry is known to be one of those where people believe a lot in bhed chaal!

Wonder what it is?? means, je ik subject HIT hogea ta saare odhar val nu tur pende aa. BUT when the world got tired of the same kind of cinematic viewing, Amitoj Mann came to the rescue and presented his project Motor Mitraan Di for the Punjabi cinema lovers.

Call it gutts or fanatic thinking, this director just doesn't follow the HIT formula and trust me his directorial ventures have all become cults now, thanks to his unique thinking.

Motor Mitraan Di, evident from it's trailer is a direct attack on the babas all over the world. Amitoj even got in trouble for highlighting this issue but well hey! someone got to be the MAN here haina? Not everyone wants to keep seeing pinda vich vdiyan pyaar mohabbatan!(though we don't mind those as well).

While talking to the team of this movie, ik cheez ta clear si ke all of them, including the actors, were pretty confident about their product. They were indifferent to the movie's fate. All they kept saying was that we've worked our heart and soul for this one and there's a level of content that we have deep inside.

They seem to have an inner instinct that their product is going to be popular.

Here's what they said:

Yograj Singh : "I have known one of these babas when he was nothing! Educated people follow such dhongis and think ohna de paap dhul jaange? Nonsense!  It is a mandate to bring out the reality of these fake preachers and that's what we've projected. We've done our bit, now it's the audience which has to support our endeavour."

Ranjha Vikram Singh : "I play Rajveer in the film and for this character I've worked really hard, rather Amitoj Mann brought out the best in me. I feel elated to have worked with such a clear headed Director. I've even gained brotherly love from my onscreen bro Happy Raikoti. Our intention is pretty clear with respect to this film and we totally support this subject. People have to put an end to following such baseless, self proclaimed godmen. I personally don't believe in babas!"

Happy Raikoti : "My character is that of Ravi and he is a sau jeha munda who gets carried away by Rajveer's witty ideas. I have learnt a lot from this team,especially Amitoj Mann, and have also realised that after working in Motor Mitraan Di, the actor in me has finally taken a flight. I've become more polished, more confident. Films like Motor Mitraan Di aren't just projects that we sign but they have a deep impact on us personally as well, that of a social responsibility. I hope all those who love me, my songs, my lyrics, will love this film as much."

Sonia Mann : "I've always said that Amitoj sir is a perfectionist and each time I get a chance to work with him, I grow as an actor. I'm currently travelling a lot because of my commitments and am also working too hard for my Bollywood debut but Motor Mitraan Di will always have a special place in my life. Such a film, if accepted by our audience, can change a lot in our society. This is meaningful cinema and I'm happy that I've got a chance to contribute my bit to it. By the way, I'l be seen in a double role in the film (Oops! I just spilled the beans)."

Amitoj Mann : "Since the moment I've stepped into director's shoes, I've always strived to give back to my society what I've gained through my experiences and that too via cinema. There is no bigger influencer than cinema and I didn't want to use it as a mere money making tool. From Hawayein onwards till today, each film that I've done carried a social message. Atleast people took home something from the film, besides the remaining popcorn. The baba thing is quite prevalent thesedays and even after all that has come to light about these dhongis, people still are following them and obeying their nefarious demands. With Motor Mitraan Di we wish to give such people a wake up call, it's time to think and think deep. It’s an entertaining film that will make you laugh. In the process, it also gives a message."

Though I don't really know what exactly the film comprises of but all I can say is that such reality check cinematic content ought to be encouraged, taahi cinema society vich change leya paega!

Releasing on 30th December, Motor Mitraan Di tickets can be booked HERE.

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