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MMD Review : A Thrilling Family Entertainer With An Element Of Horror!

By: Gurleen | December 30, 2016

There are only a few films that have nearly all the elements to make them a full fledged family entertainer and Motor Mitran Di (MMD) qualifies to be one that fits well in that category!

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Congratulations to the entire team for this well done effort.

Though the introductory scroll was a little irritating with those animated tyres running on the screen but that’s not something we couldn’t ignore. The initial 20 minutes kept us wondering whether we should walk out or stay but the 21rst minute jammed our feet on to the ground and till the interval, we just didn’t think of leaving again.

The movie has a slow start but as it flows the characters and their appropriate acts got me amused, so much so that at one point of time I was laughing like a baby and the world was laughing with me. None of the comic scenes appeared to be zabardasti, rather the comic timing of these characters was so well done that it took a second for me to say to myself, “oh damn! That’s so funny and he didn’t try to sound funny saying it!”

For Yograj Singh, all I can say is that I can’t think of any other actor who could perform this baba character so appropriately than him..just no one. His dress designer should be complimented for keeping a close eye at detailing while designing his look for the film. Also, the ‘Om Shanti Satnam Allah’ was very smartly written, I guess no religion will get offended by this prayer that the baba says repetitively throughout the film. He, in a way, has openly showcased the truth behind the deras and the baba culture prevailing nationwide.

Gurpreet Ghuggi has always been an actor who impresses me because of his natural ways and reactions as a polished actor. The only words I have for him are ‘Actor par excellence’. His comic timing is simply too good for anyone to resist a howl.

Happy Raikoti, the sweet looking guy who has generally been heard through his melodious songs and after watching his previous films I had made up mind of him being one of those singers who just cannot be actors. But this guy proved me wrong with this time. He was impressive as Ravi and the best scene that still gives me giggles from his bit is the one atop the bus when the policeman is checking the luggage…bwhahaha I still can’t believe I laughed so hard that I started coughing! Juba kuba hee hogya si mera ta

Ranjha Vikram Singh, whatta transformation as an actor! Impressive! In his last release 25 Kille, I had given this actor a cold welcome to this industry because his ways were not apt to fit into the lead category of Punjabi actors. But..I am happy that he has graduated as an actor for Punjabi industry. His energy was toned down, his expressions were quite believable and the best part was the voice used in the film for him. He played Rajveer and his character gave me quite a surprise in the end ;-p

Sonia Mann was so much better than her last performance in 25 Kille. Let me be a spoilsport in revealing that she’s playing a double role. She even scared me towards the end with her chudail avatar but her baba chase was amateurishly gigglish and I kept seeing her smile leaking at places.

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Sardar Sohi was seen as swamiji and he played it well. With actors like him and their excellent performances, not much should be said but all I can offer him is pure respect. He fits well into the skin of swamiji.

Harsharan Singh had impressed me in his short film ‘Khoon’ and little did I know that he had the comedian in him as well. He plays a silly baba follower named Deepak and all through the journey is busy in the task of ‘laash nu thikane lgao’.

Jagdeep Lamba played a funny sardar character and his bit was also well written. Atleast character di importance si film vich and it built a funny connect throughout.

The storyline circulated around a dead girl and a bus journey. Though not much for the story bit but yeah entertainment was all rounded and the comedy was subtle with just the right punches. The music was aptly placed and each song made sense for it’s placement.

For the one’s who have seen Dangal in this daur of monetization and proved that content is the king no matter the economic condition of the nation, it’s time to step up for spending that 300-400 rupees for sensible, thought provoking yet entertaining films like these as well.

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Special compliments for Color 9 Productions for producing and Amitoj Mann for directing a full fledged entertainer like Motor Mitraan Di. I personally wish to see his next flick soon!

Motor Mitraan Di Rating - 3.5/5  and an extra 0.5 for Happy Raikoti and Vikram Singh's performances, so that makes it 4!

Your must support meaningful cinema because it deserves to be supported!


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