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Sippy Gill And Aman Khatkar Both Making Films On Mewa Singh?

By: Team | May 2, 2016

We lately saw Sippy Gill's Gadri Yodhe on floor and on reading about the subject of his film, a bell rang in the head! Isn't Shaheed Bhai Mewa Singh the same person on whom Aman Khatkar and Rana Ranbir made an announcement?

I guess I remember that he was the same one!

On March 21rst, we did an article mentioning that Aman Khatkar and Rana Ranbir had announced their next movie and it will be based on the life of Shaheed Bhai Mewa Singh. On 21rst April, Sippy Gill and his team organised a press conference where they announced their upcoming flick titled Gadri Yodhe, based on the same subject.

mewa singh

Why do the producers want to make two movies on the same subject?

Is it going to generate a new controversy or are we ready to sit down and resolve things with a mature mind?

That's for time to see.

By the way, we haven't received any further updates regarding Aman Khatkar's film but yes, Sippy Gill's Gadri Yodhe has already started it's shoot.

mewa singh

Wishing both the teams all the very best for their projects.

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