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Canadian Mayor Curtis Did The Funniest Bhangra After His Turban Tying Lesson!

By: Raman | January 22, 2017

A video of a Yukon mayor learning to wear a Sikh turban and dance Bhangra has gone viral.

A seven-minute video posted online Friday starring Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis has already garnered more than a million views.

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In it, resident Gurdeep Pandher instructs the mayor in the art of folding a turban before the pair show off Indian dance moves on the floor of city hall.

Afterwards, Curtis thanks Pandher for his lessons and asks him to declare Whitehorse a "diverse, wonderful and beautiful community."

Pandher was born in a Punjabi village in India and moved to Canada in 2006.

He became a Canadian citizen five years later.

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