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Mankirat's Fat To Fit Transformation Is A Fitness Journey Worth Applauding!

By: Prakriti | February 15, 2017

We been tracking many of our Punjabi celebs going fit from fat and yet again here's one such example who's fitness journey has grabbed our attention.

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It doesn’t take a day but months and years together to look so attractive. Crash dieting, skipping meals or anything temporary won’t give you such miraculous results. These tremendous results are only achieved through constant efforts and undying spirit to get fit and look fabulous.

The 'Gallan Mithiyaan' singer Mankirat took an entry in the industry couple of years ago. We love his songs and his transformation is absolutely miraculous. Looking at the picture he shared seems like it has taken a lot of hardwork and effort to be so fit. (though we are still wondering whether he was a pehelwan earlier).

We have seen few of his Snapchat stories which show that he is a gym freak but all we have to say is that this transformation is very inspiring for all of us!

Here is what he quoted “Rehmat ohdi mehnant meri te pyaar thoda kithon kithe lai aaeya ...
Mankirt palwaan tonh tusi mainu thoda apna Mankirt aulakh banaaeya with respect luv u all ...

WaheGuru Mehar KareyO ??”

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