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Exclusive: Tête–à–Tête With Karaan Guliani - Director Sarvann!

By: Team | October 18, 2016

Priyanka Chopra’s first Punjabi project is round the corner and we got a chance to talk to the director of Sarvann. Karaan Guliani talks to GhaintPunjab exclusively about Sarvann and a lot more about himself!

Check out the full interview:

Tell us about your upcoming project Sarvann

Sarvann is a social drama and beautiful narrative of a character's (Amrinder Gill) life. It's a very different film as compared to any other Punjabi film made so far. Fun in the film brings smile on your face, emotions make you feel like the story belongs to you. Sarvann has the most talented cast of Punjab Amrinder Gill, Ranjit Bawa and Simi Chahal.

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How did you plan to make Sarvaan? Your inspiration to start this project ?

I have an inclination and greed to learn new things, so I prefer to sit and chat with people who are older than me. While debating on an issue for 3 hours, everyone went back home. Suddenly that night while I was asleep, I woke up and realized that I have a concept!

Immediately noting it down, I got so excited that I couldn't sleep all night. Within a few days I got a sitting with Dr. Madhu Chopra, I was discussing the concept with her, she said done, let's do this film. There you go! I was on cloud 9. I guess within 20 days I met Priyanka Chopra, she was equally kicked about it, I got scared as I felt there are a lot of expectations from day one.

After that I started working on it, met Amrinder, he loved the concept and introduced me to Amberdeep Singh. I met him with just a small line; he made it in to a feature film. Can't thank him enough to make Sarvann, what it is today.

karaan guliani

Tell us a little about your background, how did you enter the film industry?

I come from a Delhi based middle class Punjabi family. I started my career with a documentary; later got on board the biggest show of the nation "India's Most Wanted" followed by 2 other shows and 6 international films as Associate Director.

I have even directed few ad films for some big brands.

After Sarvann, I have signed another Punjabi film which I would be starting in Feb/March 2017.

In addition to this, I've also signed a Hindi film with a studio, which is tentative for start in Nov 2017.

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What expectations do you have from the Punjabi audience? How Do you think they'll react to Sarvann?

Well, Punjabi audience is wonderful, they love and believe in content. I am sure people are expecting a good film from us and I would like to assure everyone that we are coming up with wonderful narrative, content and superb performances from the best of talent in Punjab.

How was it like working with the very talented Amrinder Gill?

Ohh, I must tell you one thing which I feel for him.

Down South Rajni Anna (Rajnikant ) is one artist whom everyone loves and respects for being the most simple, lovable, super talented yet humble human being besides being a people's person.

Same is the case with Amrinder bhaji, he doesn't demand or command anything, but you automatically tend to start loving and respecting him. I think he is a God sent person who is a super talented actor and a very humble human.

How was it like working under Priyanka Chopra's Production house? What kind of a producer is she?

Well, I must pay thanks to God and my stars to get me producers like them. Priyanka and her mother are wonderful human beings, plus they both are very involved in the film. At the same time they have given us freedom to do the way we think and want to. Aunty Madhu often says, I trust your vision and believe in it completely. They support us in each and every thing - whatever we ask for.

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Is Priyanka giving equal importance to Sarvann besides being so engrossed in her Hollywood career?

She may be working in Hollywood, making our country proud with her talent and work but she is very well aware of each and every moment of what's going on our set and how the film is shaping. She is involved in every bit of Sarvann's making.

What do you have to say about the current scenario of Punjabi industry when not many movies are making profits?

I think Punjabi industry is doing really well.

When I say doing well it means that the content is doing well which has brought this regional industry in limelight. The problem is, like for example, if a film or certain content has worked well at the box office, everyone starts making the same subject or genre.

That's not supposed to happen!

Bhed chal” doesn't work. Today audiences are very intelligent and hungry for good content. The best part is, our Punjab has so much talent, all we need to do is put a little bit of hard work to find them. People in Punjab are rich with the gift of literature, they have 1000 stories to tell, we just need to sit and listen to them patiently.

As far as I think, Punjabi films are going to give a tough fight to Bollywood in near future.

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