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People Really Want To Know Ke Ye Kanwal Diaries Kya Hai!

By: Neena | July 23, 2016

How many of you remember this face??

kanwal diaries

Who is he?

Well..this sardaarji is Kanwalpreet Singh. You must have seen the latest Airtel advert, he's in that one too, besides being a part of many Bolly and Polly films.

Kanwal is a Punjabi boy who has managed to share the screen with many big names from the industry. Some of those are Akshay Kumar, Ranbir Kapoor, Kapil Sharma and many more.

This creative performer has a web series called Kanwal Diaries!

These videos, as claimed by the maker, are basically a new-age attempt to break the duration and spontaneity from the stereotype of videos that are flooding the gates of YouTube Nowadays.

The series has been conceived by film-maker Ojaswee Sharma. The duo's formula to celebrate totally meaningless formula of entertainment is a hit and the viewers can watch each episode without engaging much of their brain cells, rather focusing on the smile and the ripples that generate withing their tummies.

The concept has been best kept under the wraps and the makers have warned the viewers funnily to keep a Disprin intact everytime they watch an episode (the funny side of it). Season 2 shall also see a lot of film, television and theater artists joining the spree to explore their free side on camera along with Kanwal's talks.

Coming out now with Season 2, after a lukewarm Season 1, this time all set to create a stir on the social media, the series with the name of #KanwalDiaries #Season2 would be released exclusively on the "Rolling Frames Entertainment" - Official YouTube Channel, and would be daunting a minimal 50 episodes this season covering various themes, subjects and topics with a few minutes of capsules! (2 min to 6 ins).

If you want to entertain yourself without using your senses, this Diary is worth giving a view.



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