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Jindua Star Sargun Said Something That We Completely Agree With!

By: Harloveen | January 16, 2017

Sargun Mehta, the cute faced Dhan Kaur, who entered Punjabi industry with a multi-starrer film Angrej, is now riding the tide of success as the most sought after Pollywood actress.

She has her hands full with Jindua, Lahoriye and many more Punjabi projects.


Sargun recently shared a status on social media, though it was a pretty long one, but we seemed to agree with it 100%.

This is what she had to say, "Why does every television actor want to work in films when television actually has a bigger reach? This is a question we have been asked a million times.i cant speak for everybody nor can i say that what i feel applies to everybody but atleast for me i feel that the appreciation you get in a film for your work is not something you get in tv. Ravi did this scene in a single take and unlike films you dont have a script with you for months or weeks to prepare. You just have maybe an hour or maybe two at most to dont get the kind of time to take retakes because there is minimum footage that needs to go out everyday so there is a lot of pressure on the actor too . I can say this with confidence that this scene would not have gone unnoticed in a film but most of us cant recall it even though we have watched it on tv already . Ravi your patience, dilligence and the fire to want to excel is going to pay off and that too very soon.8 out of 10 articles about actors are not about how they have performed their scenes but how they look .i hope we move beyond number of abs and bikini bods because we didnt fall in love with art to only show off our bodies to start with . (Ps: this article dosnt exclude me and ravi)."

The girl is not just beautiful but an emotional and intelligent one as well.

She will soon be seen in Jindua releasing on 17th March 2017.

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