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Jet Airways Lost This Celebrity's Bags And He Just Can't Take It!

By: Harloveen | December 31, 2016

This isn't the first time that an airline has misplaced a passenger's baggage but while a normal person's cheekhan always go unheard, a celebrity's status update just can't be ignored!

(Diljit Dosanjh Makes It To The Top 100 Of Forbes India Celebrity List!)

Diljit Dosanjh lost two of his bags, thanks to Jet Airways. The artist who is to perform in Gurgaon for the New Year's party has had a bad experience and has posted a grumpy message on his  social media profiles saying, "Dhaka V Ho Geya  Where are my Bags Mainu Ni Pata Eh Rondi aa... Mere Sara New Stuff KL 251295 | KL 253115"

Poor guy has lost his new stuff!

With the kind of criticism the airline has been receiving from Diljit's fans, I bet that his stuff will soon be found!

Ehnanu vi lagda Punjabi treekey hee smjh aunde ne!

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