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Jazzy B Does Not Want To Promote Punjab As A 'Drug-Free' State??

By: Maddy | October 24, 2016

The Prince of Bhangra, Jazzy B, was recently in Hoshiarpur for an event and while addressing the media he confessed that he was approached by the state government to promote Punjab as a drug free state by appearing in an ad but guess what??

He refused (chakkkk gutts!)

Bai ne sidha keha, "I’m an artist, so I do not want to advertise for a party or the government. I had refused state government’s advertisement in which the spread of drugs in the state was opposed. It would have affected my fan following”.

When the media asked him about glamouring weapons in films and songs, he replied, "Weapons are connected with the legacy of the state and it will remain in movies and albums”.

He said: “There is no match to folk songs. Over the time singers do something different to bring newness, but folk form is the best”.

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