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New Punjabi Film 'Saggi Phul' Awaits Censor Certificate, Makers Says It Isn't A Usual Wedding Drama!

By: Prakriti | December 2, 2017

Upcoming Punjabi movie 'Saggi Phul', has not been getting much attention because the makers are yet to receive the censor certificate for it, after which they'll start the promotions.

Unlike some of the recent Punjabi films that got hyped, promoted and then postponed due to CBFC, here's a team that's got some basic sense!

Talking to the director Shivtar Shiv exclusively about the movie, we got to know that 'Saggi Phul' is based in a rural village of Punjab where this family drama has been set up. The movie is about a family comprising of two brothers, who lead the story. Their arguments and the way they tackle them is what the film is all about.

"The major essence of the movie lies in the fact that we have started spending super luxuriously and are going beyond our means. There is a wedding sequence also in the movie which would refresh the Punjabi weddings in the heart of the audience," said Shivtar.

The director made a special mention of the Punjabi tradition wherein the mother in law gives her saggi phul to her daughter in law. In the movie, he said, the parents don't have a son so the mother gives her saggi phul to her daughter, in the memory of her father.

The starcast includes Shivander Mahal, Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu besides others. The producer Amitoz Shergill also has an important role in the movie. Debut actor Ravinder Pawar would be seen playing the lead role. Opposite him is the actress Preet Simran, who was last seen in Darra. The movie is written by Miyan Bakhtawar and he has also penned the lyrics of the film's songs.

The director is confident of the fact that they wouldn’t be serving the same rural backdrop and wedding culture which the audience has been seeing since a while. He promised us that his film will be a unique serving for the audiences who are bored of the same filmy platter. 

'Saggi Phul' is set to release in January 2018 but the final date will be announced once the team gets their hands on the censor certificate.


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