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Interview : Actress Preeti Sapru To Turn Director But When Is She Making Her Comeback On Punjabi Screens?

By: Prakriti | November 16, 2017

The light eyed noted yesteryear actress Preeti Sapru has been away from the limelight of Punjabi industry but her acting and her magnificent looks are stilla fresh in the minds and hearts of many. A multi-talented woman, she's a home maker, a politician (BJP), an entrepreneur and is soon venturing into film direction.

She will soon be directing a Marathi movie and we are wondering why she didn't opt for a Punjabi one.

We contacted the ever so pretty actress and asked her about her first projects as a director and why she didn't choose to direct a Punjabi film. We even wanted her take on the evolution of Punjabi industry.

Her views made a lot of sense and her years of experience spoke through them. Here are few excerpts from the interview.

How do you think the Punjabi industry has evolved over a period of time?

It is a delight to see that Punjabi industry has evolved in a positive way over these years. The makers have become more professional and are concentrating on content. The industry is doing so well that it is giving direct competition to Hindi movies. The content and entertainment factor has increased in our regional films which is why many prefer watching Punjabi films over Hindi cinema. Even the budgets of Punjabi movies have increased manyfold and sometimes one can easily compare them to small Hindi movies. Moreover, the Punjabi actors are also leaving an impact in Bollywood, which in itself is a matter of pride for everyone.

Where do you think that the Punjabi industry is lacking?

The hindrance or as I may call it a major hurdle is that the audiences watching a Punjabi movie have an option of watching big budget Hindi movies, unlike the South Indian audience. Many people down South don’t understand Hindi and hence, the only option for them is to watch their regional cinema, which is the reason why there is more foot fall in the theaters leading to growth in their regional industry.

Also, a problem which many one time producers have faced and was even faced by Priyanka Chopra’s production house, is the distribution of their Punjabi movies. There aren’t many good distributors in the industry and the ones who do it well have captured the distribution market and have a monopoly over it. Anyone who is new in the industry finds it very tough to release the movie with good number of theatrical shows. I know Priyanka Chopra’s family personally and they have discussed with me the same problem about Punjabi film industry. Hence, we must act on this problem soon, as this might take many  good producers away from our industry.

Why did you think of directing a Marathi film over a Punjabi film?

I always wanted to venture into direction. The reason I chose a Marathi movie over a Punjabi one is again due to the problem of distribution. It is very tough for a new maker to distribute movies in Punjab. The process is way simpler in Marathi industry, which is why I chose a Marathi project for my directorial debut. I have two of my Punjabi scripts ready and will soon be starting with them once I finish my Marathi movie.

What kind of Punjabi movies do you want to make? What is the subject of the Punjabi scripts that are ready with you?

I personally love romantic Punjabi movies. Both my scripts are for romantic movies. One of them is based on an NRI and Punjabi falling in love but with a twist and it is not a clichéd twist. The other one is based on a young Kashmiri guy being influenced by a Pakistani and the story of his life after he falls in love .

When do you plan to make a comeback in the Punjabi movies?

I still have been getting offers from Punjabi makers but there is nothing that excites me much. There was one recent movie offered to me in which I had to play the role of a mother who is in coma and would eventually die. I laughed my lungs out when the maker narrated the script to me and even wondered how he thought I was apt to play a coma stricken mother! 

More than anything else  I need something that makes me happy and excites me. Now, I don’t work for money but for self satisfaction.

Have you been in touch with the Punjabi cinema ? What do you think about the recent actresses?

I have watched a few movies. I haven’t been able to spend much time in Punjab and watch many of them, but I love the few I have watched.

I love the work of the actresses. Neeru Bajwa is still my favorite and I even like Sonam Bajwa who did great work in Anurag’s 'Punjab 1984'.

We bid adieu to this beautiful actress turned director with best wishes for her maiden directorial. For more updates and interviews stay with us on Ghaintpunjab!

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