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Brisbane Park Renamed In Honour Of Late Punjabi Singer Manmeet Alisher

By: News Desk | October 29, 2017

Manmeet Alisher, the Punjabi singer cum bus driver in Brisbane, who was torched to death by an assailant, now has a park renamed in his honour. 

He was doused with flammable liquid by the assailant when he was letting passengers on board at a Moorooka bus stop. The assailant then set him alight. The unfortunate incident happened on 28th October last year. 

Also known as Manmeet Sharma, this slain Punjabi singer now has Luxworth Place Park in Moorooka rededicated to him. It has been renamed as "Manmeet's Paradise and Park".

The Brisbane City Council also arranged for a memorial to be unveiled during a small ceremony with India-born driver's family. Alisher was remembered as a  man filled with big dreams who moved to Brisbane from India.

Punjabi Welfare Association of Australia president Pinky Singh told ABC radio that Manmeet came to Brisbane to start a new life with his family. 

The man charged with murder is yet to face court and the family is seeking justice.  A fund set up by the Brisbane City Council has received more than $100,000 in donations for his family.

As a result of Manmeet’s death, buses in Brisbane have been modified with more safety exits.

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