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Tyga Finds Kylie A 'Manipulator And Player'

By: IANS | October 9, 2017

Rapper Tyga reportedly feels sorry for rapper Travis Scott (II) for dating Kylie Jenner. He feels the pregnant reality TV star is a "manipulator and player".

"Travis Scott is a non-entity, he's a nobody and not worth Tyga's time and energy," a source close to Tyga. 

"Tyga doesn't hold him responsible for his breakup with Kylie, he places the blame for that firmly in her court. Tyga thinks Kylie is a manipulator and player -- and says that if he was to summon up any kind of feeling for Travis, it would be one of pity.

"Tyga's been telling people that he thinks he had a lucky escape, and he's thankful that he hasn't got to be tied to the Kardashians for the rest of his life. Most of Tyga's friends are taking it with a pinch of salt though -- he was heartbroken when Kylie dumped him, so it's a pretty drastic turnaround for him to make -- it smacks more of sour grapes," the source added.

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