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Bhalwan Singh Trailer Review : The Trailer Wasn't Too 'Bhalwan' As Per Our Expectations!

By: Prakriti | September 30, 2017

The trailer of the much awaited Ranjit Bawa starrer Bhalwan Singh is out but my question is that was my excitement and my adjective 'Much Awaited' worth the trailer?

Well, franklyI have been waiting for this movie and the posters looked amazing and seemed like it was something untried but alas!

Take a look at the trailer first and then know my opinion towards it:

The trailer starts with the pre independence era and you realize that this is another period film. The rural backdrop is something which we have been watching over and over again and soon we hear the expected array of punch lines. Don’t you think that period films + comedy + rural backdrop is a tried and tested formula these days?

This team has been making movies on the same lines but this time they have to give us something absolutely untried  for us to go ahead and be excited for it. Unlike the last one from the same team,  which had the concept of Haryanvi and Punjabi rituals clashing, Bhalwan Singh seems to be a confusing edit, atleast the trailer is.

The storyline seems to be completely different from what the posters projected. Anyone would expect it to be a wrestler's movie or something relative but this turns out to be more of a Robinhood  kinda concept mixed with a nationalist approach which, presumably will prove as a turning point in Bhalwan Singh's life. The only connection that I found in the movie and the trailer is the sarcasm in the name, else I felt that the trailer just didn't justify the title of the movie.

The actors in the movie are promising. Ranjit Bawa has been giving good performances in his previous movies as well but unfortunately the fate of his projects wasn't too well. Debutante actress Navpreet Banga has quite a fan following thanks to her vlogs but her presence in the trailer wasn't as per our expectation. Her screen time in the movie, atleast, should be worthwhile

Manav is a great actor and there is no doubt about his excellence while performing but my only concern that remains is that the trailer didn’t excite me to wait for it's release date. Certainly not the trailer to make me hit the 'book my seats' option as soon as the online bookings open.

Let's hope the  full film is worth our time and money.

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