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Gavie Chahal Speaks Out His Mind, Says Punjabi Industry Badly Needs Professional Film Makers!

By: Prakriti | October 4, 2017

Gavie Chahal, last seen in Pinky Moge Wali, was active in the Punjabi film circle from 2005 till 2012, after which he bagged a big budget Bollywood film titled 'Ek Tha Tiger' and things turned in his favour in b-town. Soon he bagged some TV serials and though he was signed for a few more Punjabi films, but not a single one made it to the theatres.

Now, yet again, Gavie is all set to hit the silver screen with the sequel of 'Ek Tha Tiger' which has been titled 'Tiger Zinda Hai' and stars the macho actor Salman Khan with his ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif. For those who've got weak memory, Gavie was a Pakistani ISI agent in the prequel. We got in touch with him for his upcoming film and also asked him the reason for his absence from the Punjabi screens.

Is it because the audience didn't accept him in lead roles or this Mansa boy was destined for a journey in Bollywood?

Here's what Gavie Chahal had to say:

  • Gavie why do you think you didn’t do well in Punjabi industry?

Let me be upfront in saying that Punjabi film industry is a singer oriented industry where Punjabi singers are preferred over actors, without considering their talent. The makers aren’t really interested in real talent of the actors but want some familiar faces with which the audience can connect easily which, they think, leads to filling up of the cinema halls. Punjabi TV channels are purely music based channels so all you will see is new and old singers with their tracks. There is no scope for an actor to show his talent at any other avenue rather than movies. I am just an actor and that's what people recognize me as, I can’t be a singer just to join the league!

Another fault at the grass root level is that of the makers. The makers aren’t from the industry, they are basically investors with less knowledge and all that matters to them are figures which known faces can fetch them. They don’t want to experiment and to second my statement you can see that couple of years back everyone was just making comedy movies and now everyone is only after period drama and rural Punjab. Makers are playing safe at their level and like this there wouldn’t be much growth of the industry.

  • Would you like to come back to Pollywood?

I have been getting scripts from the Punjabi industry but my current focus is on Bollywood. The makers of Pollywood who offer me scripts are new and I really fear working with the newcomers now. I have been getting great scripts here and I want to devote my time to these. I would love to do Punjabi movies but there has to be a script with substance in it and off-course by makers who are professionals.

I am a Punjabi and would love to work in the industry. There are many other Punjabi friends who are doing well in Bollywood and would love to come back but in our own industry no one gave us our deserving credit. Probably, that's the reason we landed here in Mumbai where talent is given priority.

  • Tell us about your upcoming projects 

'Tiger Zinda Hai' would soon be releasing and one of my projects that reached the Cannes Film festival 'Yeh Hai India' would also hit the Indian screens in sometime. Next is a film based on the story of Malala, 'Gul Makki', and a few more movies too but as of now, that's all I can reveal. 

We do agree with quite a few of his statements and recommend that the makers consider talented actors, who are just actors and not singers. With Gavie Chahal as an example, all we can say is - Talent does take you places, right! 

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