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Bhumika Gurung Injured During Cycle Competition Practice

By: IANS | September 25, 2017

Television actress Bhumika Gurung got injured while preparing for a sequence in the show "Nimki Mukhiya". She says she is recovering now.

According to a source from the set, while prepping up for a cycle scene for the Star Bharat show, to make it look effortless, Bhumika had to ride the cycle as fast as she could. For the same, she had to practice cycling for more than a week. During one such practice session, she injured herself by losing her balance and falling off the bicycle.

She hurt her knees badly, and was given first aid.

Bhumika said in a statement: "No pain, no gain. I was injured but not out. I love thrilling and adventures scenes. Such incidents happen and are a part and parcel of our career. Yes, it hurt a little, but I'm recovering now. These little injuries can never match the amount of fun I've had while shooting for this particular cycle competition sequence."

The actress hopes the viewers of the show love the episode.

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