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Blog : 10 Rainy Day Punjabi Songs To Be Added To Your Playlist Right Away!

By: Neena | September 23, 2017

It's a rainy day here in our city and while many of us are already on our way to the office, there are others who are staying at home and those who are busy attending or bunking classes. 

But what does one do when he gets tired of listening to the same kind of music on all the radio stations??

You make your own playlist and kick that gloomy mood away! 

Listening to our list of rainy day Punjabi songs will make you feel like walking amidst those droplets and dancing like a kid:

  1. Saun Da Mahina by Lt. Jagjit Singh

2. Barsataan by Lakhwinder Wadali

3. Saun by Harbhajan Mann

4. Mitti Di Khushboo by Ayushmann Khurrana

5. Chattri by Geeta Zaildar

6. Look Lak by Roshan Prince

7. Khaab by Akhil

8. Baddal by Jasmine Sandlas

9. Nucleya - BASS Rani - Aaja feat Avneet Khurmi & Guri Gangsta

10. Imran Khan - Satisfya

And if you feel you need more pump then here's a song that has shattered people's brains and I am sure it'll affect you too:

Finally feeling ke tuhada vi system hilgya?? Don't blame us bwahahahahaha

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