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Long Way To Go Before I Get My Due Credit In Bollywood: Akhil Sachdeva

By: IANS | September 8, 2017

Singer-composer Akhil Sachdeva, who made his Bollywood debut with the song "Humsafar" for the 2017 film "Badrinath Ki Dulhania", says it has never been easy for newbies to enter the film industry and that he still has a long way to go before he gets his due in Bollywood.

"It's never been an easy ride for newbies, it's definitely difficult. Bollywood has been churning out some cutting edge music and the production value is really commendable. One needs to keep up with that.

"So I've got one Bollywood song under my belt, but that's not it. You need to keep grooving to stay in the spotlight," Sachdeva told IANS via email when asked if the journey of newcomers in Bollywood is smoother now.

Sachdeva wrote the song three years ago yet it took him a long time to get the right launch-pad in Bollywood. So does he think that he has got his due credit in Bollywood?

"It's too soon to say that since ‘Humsafar' just happened a few months ago. Although I've been getting a lot of love and recognition for the song, and it has been making its rounds on the internet as well... it makes me tremendously happy and blessed to see my song grow and become a romantic hit.

"I've been in the spotlight a little more since then and so have my songs. I feel so, especially with ‘Humsafar' in the film, it couldn't have fit any better. But I guess it's still a long way to go before I get my due credit in Bollywood," he said.

His first film was produced by Dharma Productions, but Sachdeva is open to independent projects as well.

"I, as a person, am more about my vibes. Irrespective of it being a commercial or an independent project, I am more than happy to lend my voice if I feel the subject fits well. I am, in fact, composing for an indie film," he said.

The subject, he said, needs to be alluring for him to feel it.

He is also excited about his new single.

"A lot of new material is on the way. I am very excited about my new single that is set to release in a month or so. I've got a handful of new live projects and collaborations, but it's too soon to reveal anything. I have been busy making new music and performing in the country, and it's been an absolute treat," he said. 
The singer will perform at the launch of food and entertainment destination Cyber Hub 2.0 in Gurugram on Friday night.

"I am really excited to perform for Cyber Hub 2.0 because it's going to be an open air concert. It's a completely different experience and there's nothing like it. To add to it, the line-up is really impressive. I am very happy to share the stage with some of my favourite acts. Hari and Sukhmani and The Suryansh Project if I had to name them," he said.

Does he enjoy coming to Delhi/NCR?

Sachdeva, who says he has "always been a Delhi guy", said: "Talking about memories, there maybe some thousands as I've played some substantial number of gigs in the area over the years. It's really hard to gauge what went down over these years."

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