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Judge Dismisses Embryo Suit Between Sofia Vergara, Nick Loeb

By: IANS | August 27, 2017

A judge has dismissed the case between actress Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb over their two frozen embryos in the latest step of the long legal battle between the former couple.

The Louisiana judge said the court had no jurisdiction over the embryos, which were conceived in California, reports

Despite the fact that Loeb claimed he and Vergara dated and planned their life together in Louisiana and Vergara shot a movie there in 2014, the judge said neither parent had permanent ties to the state.

The judge also said that Loeb most likely only filed in Louisiana because of the state's laws concerning unborn children.

According to court documents, the judge referred to the embryos as "citizens of California" and said that a decision concerning the case could require an evaluation of the embryos' rights. 

Vergara and Loeb have been fighting in a nasty and public legal battle for years. Loeb sued Vergara in early 2015 for custody of the female embryos they created together while they were engaged in 2013.

While they were dating, the former couple signed a document saying they both had to consent to implant the embryos in a surrogate. The pair broke up in May 2014.

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