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Bollywood Celebs Hail Judgement On Triple Talaq

By: IANS | August 22, 2017

The Supreme Court ruling on triple talaq will start a new chapter in empowerment of Muslim women in India, say Bollywood celebrities who hailed the verdict on Tuesday.

The apex court, by a 3:2 majority judgment, held triple talaq being practised by the Muslim community as "unconstitutional", "arbitrary" and "not part of Islam".

Here's what some Bollywood celebrities tweeted:

Anupam Kher: Some decisions are not for libtards, pappus or even Bhakts. The decision of triple talaq is for the win of women empowerment.

Madhur Bhandarkar: Welcome judgement by Supreme Court to declare triple talaq as unconstitutional. This will start a new chapter in empowerment of Muslim women.

Dia Mirza: A win for democracy! Historic day for women's rights in our country. Equality, triple talaq, human rights, Supreme Court.

Kabir Bedi: Since Supreme Court has declared triple talaq "unconstitutional", why does Parliament have to enact a new law to void it.

Gautam Rode: A verdict that I am proud of India! A verdict which was much needed! Ending triple talaq shall lead towards equality!

Luv S Sinha: Good to read that triple talaq has been deemed unconstitutional. A victory for Muslim women and another step towards equality.

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