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WOW! 'Freak' Singer Jay Sean Owns More Than 300 Pairs Of Shoes!

By: Kirat | August 21, 2017

Singer Jay Sean is obsessed with footwear and he owns over 300 shoes.

The 38-year-old has a vast collection of shoes which he has arranged in neat lines in a separate room at his home, reports

"I sound like a p***k for saying this, but I do have a separate room for my shoes. It's like a whole room, because I have a lot. I have probably over 300 shoes. They're all lined up, it's pretty nice," Sean told BANG Showbiz.

The "Ride it" hitmaker justified his collection with his belief that men do not have a lot they can "play with" in terms of their style.

"I think guys we don't get to play with much, what do we do? We have a hairstyle, a beard, and then whatever clothes, and it's usually kicks that guys are into. So, that's my thing," he said.


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