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Pooja Bhatt Is On The Road To Recovery, Says She Hasn't Touched Alcohol Since Eight Months

By: IANS | August 21, 2017

Actor-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt, who went public about her drinking problems last year, says she is on the road to recovery and has not touched alcohol in the past eight months.

Pooja on Monday tweeted with a photograph: "Oh and today is eight months of sobriety for me! Have come a pretty long way baby! Here's to the rest of the journey! One day at a time."

Pooja quit drinking on Christmas last year, and has addressed her issues on several public forums.

In one such forum, she had said: "I stopped drinking by first acknowledging that I had a drinking problem. Because you are a woman and you live in a society where they are always taught or forced to brush things under the carpet.

"We tend to bury this shameful habit that we have of covering it up and say, 'Oh, we don't have a problem, it is somebody else's and I am not that drunk'." 

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