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'This Is Us' Make-Up Wreaks Havoc On My Skin: Mandy Moore

By: IANS | August 3, 2017

Singer-actress Mandy Moore says her "This is Us" make-up wreaks havoc on her skin.

Moore, 33, will be seen playing the older avatar of Rebecca Pearson in "This is Us" Season 2. She says there is always a downside in portraying a role that is twice her true age.

"They do this technique called 'stretch and pull,' where (my make-up artists) stretch out different parts of my face and my neck, and they'll stretch it out and then they'll stipple on the ager, which is almost like a tacky glue," quoted Moore as saying.

She added: "We dry (the glue) with a hair-dryer, and then bunch the skin back up, which is what gives it that sort of crepe-y texture."

Then come the prosthetics.

"They put actual prosthetic pieces on me - I have two on my jaw, one on my neck, two nasolabial folds, and I have six different pieces around my eyes and on my eyelids. A lot of it is just like the painting, which the make-up artist does to paint everything in. I think they do such a remarkable job."  

The actress feels it does some damage to her skin.

"My poor little skin. It wreaks havoc on my skin. When I'm not working, I try to not put my skin through the rigamarole. I try to counter it with less is more. I don't wear make-up. I don't do my hair. I just keep it as natural and as easy as possible. I let them breathe," she said.

The season two of the show will premiere in India on Star World and Star World HD on September 30.

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