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Rocky Mental Trailer Review : A Hot Bod To Impress But The Bloodshed Makes Us Scrunch

By: Prakriti | July 24, 2017

The trailer of Rocky Mental is out and we think that it looks pretty different form the current flavour of films being made in Punjab. It is not a period movie, it is not a romantic movie, it seems like an action-thriller revolving around the lead character named Rocky mental played by Parmish Verma.

 Have a look at the trailer before we say anything further:

After having a look at the trailer it seems that the movie would be hero centric film and Parmish fans would see him onscreen most of the time.

Talking about the storyline, it is different but will the Punjabi audience connect with this story?

The story is of a  hero who is shown in negative light..grey shade. Rocky is a national level boxer and then is titled as gangster and rapist in the mid of the trailer. He is violent, angry and very aggressive. It will be interesting to see how the story takes a turn. There is surely a romantic angle and a friendship angle too in the movie but we'd like to see how debut director Vikram Thori has managed to bring out the fruit in this subject.

His direction and vision will make or break the business of this movie.The cinematography of the movie looks impressive.

We couldn’t see much of anyone else’s acting in the trailer so talking about Parmish’s role it looks aggressive yet we can't deny the fact that as an actor, he looks promising. He seems to have worked hard on his physique for this role. 

Talking about the negative aspect  of the trailer, it has too much blood and violence which would make a scrunched impact on the audience. Many families would avoid taking their kids to the movie because of violence and bloodshed in it.

For now, let's wait till the full length film hits the big screen to say anything further.

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