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Daana Paani : Here's All You Need To Know About This Freshly Announced Jimmy-Simi Starrer

By: Prakriti | July 19, 2017

Another movie with a unique title, 'Daana Paani' has just been announced and it is being made by the same team who gave us a super winner this year named Rabb Da Radio.

Directed by Taranvir Jagpal and written by Jass Grewal, this movie would be releasing next year in May. Daana Paani's lead star cast would be Jimmy Sheirgill and Simi Chahal. Veteran actor Nirmal Rishi will be seen in a pivotal role.

The project seems to be an interesting one and offbeat too. We caught hold of the young director Taranvir Jagpal and asked him about the project. Here are some exclusive insights:

What is the story line of Daana Paani like?

I wouldn’t reveal much but I can just tell you the gist of it. Daana Paani is again a spiritual movie like Rabb Da Radio. Every being in this world has his Danna Paani pre-written and in a way or two reaches it. The almighty has graced mother Earth with enough to curb any person's hunger and waheguru makes situations turn in a way that the being would attain his desired daana paani. Nothing can happen against the will of the almighty. What is written will happen and that is what my story would project.

Is it a period movie?  Tell us about the shoot schedule?

Yes, it is a period movie and the shooting would start in the first week of November this year. The shooting locations are near Ganganagar, Rajasthan and we are still finding other places. Else, if we don’t get apt locations, we would have to create sets for the shoot.

Why Jimmy and Simi for the lead role?

Jimmy sir is a versatile actor and he has done numerous roles in Pollywood as well as Bollywood. There are some characters which only he can pull off. My story has such a role in which I could fit no body else but Jimmy Sheirgill. Similarly, Simi’s role is such that I couldn't see any other actress doing it.

You are from a school which made just commercial cinema why do you prefer offbeat movies?

To make a hit movie the masala is fixed and everyone would certainly like it. But the question arises that would they remember it for long. I make different cinema because I like people appreciating me for that. People get a message through my work and that is what I want. Everyone is making commercial movies but I don’t want to be in that race at all. I have my own genre; I may just make 5 movies in my entire career but I want them to be different. I am a spiritual person and my faith is deeply in waheguru ji. I get messages from him and I give those thoughts, those messages to the world who watches my cinema.                                                                                     

On that note, we signed off and hoped that this young man's faith grows from strength to strength. Wishing the entire team all the very best for this movie. 

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