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Shalini, Rohit Sagar Celebrate Nine Years Of Togetherness

By: IANS | July 10, 2017

Popular couple and TV actors Shalini Kapoor and Rohit Sagar feel blessed to have completed nine years with each other.

Shalini, known for her role in "Swaragini - Jodein Rishton Ke Sur", said in a statement: "I feel blessed to complete nine years of marriage and it all seems so fresh and exciting till date from the beginning. There is no dullness in our lives."

"We are like teenagers... Mad and crazy people filled with love for each other. I feel like I have been successful in balancing my acting career with my role as a wife and mother."

Her family is happy and that's her reward.

"This anniversary (on Monday), we have both planned to grow spiritually too. We believe couples who are on the same level spiritually, cope much better with each other."

Rohit says being with his wife means celebrating each and every moment.

"Even an argument ends up with laughter. She is funny and caring. I often irritate her with my OCD, but in the end... She knows who is my world," said the "Naagin 2"" actor.

The couple has planned to celebrate the day with family, friends and the "Swaragini - Jodein Rishton Ke Sur" and "Naagin 2" teams.



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