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Toofan Singh Trailer Review: This One Might Instigate Some Uncalled For Controversies!

By: Prakriti | July 5, 2017

The movie which has been in controversy since a very long time is now set to release soon. Ranjit Bawa told us about it a few days ago and that the trailer is out, we feel happy to finally see the efforts of this team taking a shape.

Watch the full trailer HERE:

The movie is based in a village of Punjab and the story revolves around a people’s hero Toofan Singh played by Ranjit Bawa. The story will take you back in the dark era of 84 and later to a place where there are ruthless killings, the after effects of operation Blue star during which many rebels were born in Punjab. Toofan Singh is one such rebel, the role of whom is played by Ranjit Bawa.

Well, talking about the storyline and the subject chosen for the movie: Hats off to the producer and the director for making a movie like this in such an era where people don’t know much but want to know about that phase. The movie surely touches the sensitive chords of many Punjabi’s who have been there witnessing that era. Also, the movie seems to be Pro-Toofan Singh but many in real life are anti him.This one might ignite a little fire amongst the audience but I think the censor board has taken care of it.

The project is risky and experimental attempt in its own kind.

Talking about the performances Ranjit Bawa had lost a lot of weight for this particular movie and this had to be his debut movie years ago but even if it is releasing now, the movie doesn’t seem to be even a single bit obsolete. Ranjit’s expressions and acting intrigue me and I wonder where was this side of him all this while!

I can’t really imagine anyone doing this role. He looks fierce, strong and impressive in the trailer itself. Shefali Sharma is the love interest in the movie, but I don’t think that there would be a lot for her to do in this serious movie.

It is a pleasure to see actors like Yashpal Sharma and Raza Murad on Punjabi screen, after all this time. We have seen both the actors in Bollywood and they have been giving marvelous performances.It’s great to see such seasoned actors coming in serious Punjabi movies. It will surely add value.

I know the movie talks about an unfolded chapter of the history but my question is why open pages which would hurt sentiments or pinch the wounds which time have healed? Those were Punjab’s worst years but why open those chapters again?

I would agree if the answer is that they want to educate the audience but It seems it might instigate some uncalled for emotions.

The trailer is way more impressive than I thought and I am surely going to watch this movie on 4th August.

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