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We're Still At The Bottom Of The Pole: P. Diddy On Racism

By: IANS | June 30, 2017

Rapper P. Diddy says that racism is deeply rooted in the US as black people are still considered at the bottom of the pole.

Diddy feels that racist attitudes are a big part of the American societies and despite Barack Obama serving as the 44th President from 2009 until 2017, the issue of racism still exists, reports

"It all dates back to things people don't want to deal with, which is slavery and a perception people have that we are less than human," Diddy told ES magazine.

"We're still at the bottom of the pole after all these years. Even after having a black President. But you know that's really going to stop now.

"Nobody wants to live like that no more and nobody is going to be allowing their children to get killed. And everybody is going to respect that. Should children get killed? No. No matter what is going on," he added.

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