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This High Energy Track 'Vaar' From The Black Prince Will Make Blood Pump Faster In Your Body!

By: Kirat | June 27, 2017

The makers of much awaited Hollywood film The Black Prince have released a fresh track 'Vaar' from the film today. It was today's date in the year 1839 that Maharaja Ranjit Singh left for his heavenly abode. Four of his wives, and seven concubines with royal titles given by Ranjit Singh, committed sati by burning themselves on the pyre of Ranjit Singh during his official cremation ceremony.

'Vaar' is dedicated to the brave  Commander-in-chief of the Sikh Khalsa Army - Hari Singh Nalwa. His life became a popular theme for martial ballads. Take a look at the freshly released track that talks about his historic warfare and get ready to be glued to the screen while watching it:

This track is seemingly from that point in the movie when Duleep gets confronted by the history of his motherland and is on his journey towards self alliance. 

Sung by Satinder Sartaaj and penned by himself, 'Vaar' is musically composed by Prem and Hardeep. This one has been released on the official YouTube channel of Saga Music.Directed by Kavi Raz, Black Prince is the story of Maharaja Duleep Singh, the last ruler of the Sikh Empire.

'The Black Prince' releases on 21st July. 


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