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Joel Edgerton Was 'Terrified' Of Embarking On Movie Career

By: IANS | June 26, 2017

Actor Joel Edgerton, who became a household after playing bricklayer Will McGill in drama series "The Secret Life of Us", says it was a huge step to walk away from his "breakthrough" role in order to pursue his dream of working in movies in the US.

"It was a terrifying thing to leave. Hanging out with that cast, being on a TV show that people respected that was well written and executed so well. I didn't leave because I didn't like it. I had my sights set on moving into films," Edgerton told The Sun-Herald newspaper, reports

And though the "Great Gatsby" actor had reservations about relocating Stateside, he knew he would always have regrets if he didn't take the plunge.

"I was terrified moving to America -- but I felt like if I didn't do it, I'd regret not trying," he said.

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