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Was Terrified Of Michael Bay, Says Josh Duhamel

By: IANS | June 23, 2017

Actor Josh Duhamel has said that he used to be terrified of "Transformers: The Last Knight" director Michael Bay, when he first worked with him on the 2007 film.

Duhamel said that he was apprehensive about working with director Bay when he was cast in the first movie in 2007 because he'd heard that the filmmaker was tough on set, but his fears soon dissipated once the cameras started rolling.

"I used to be terrified about him (Bay) because I'd heard these stories, like, 'You don't wanna cross him, you know, he will tear you apart.' But the truth is he's more bark than he is bite!" said Duhamel in an interview with Collider, reported

He added: "He does get heated, he does get passionate, if you will, but it really is about getting the best shot and people are on point. People really come with their A-Game every single day."

"Transformers: The Last Knight" expands the mythology of the Transformers universe by introducing a medieval-set back story, which involves King Arthur of England and wizard Merlin.

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