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Amrinder Gill Magic Is Back & We're Keeping Our Fingers Crossed!

By: Prakriti | April 14, 2017

There were many reasons why I was looking forward to Lahoriye's trailer and it was worth it all!

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Lahoriye, the title itself was catchy, the first look was impressive and the makers of the movie are undoubtedly a talented and hardworking team, though there last one was a disaster but well, it happens right.

Lahoriye's trailer is out and you should watch it:

“Mulak taan kine vandna c Punjab he vaand hoya" phrase from Satinder Sartaaj’s song and the pain and agony shown in the trailer of Lahoriye makes you connect with the emotion immediately. Lahoriye is another product from Amberdeep and Amrinder Gill team. This one is based in the era of Indian's partition and shows a mix of emotions from the people who were parted due to political borders.


Amrinder Gill and Sargun Mehta are leading in the movie but not once did they give a deja vu of Angrej or Love Punjab. With each film, their chemistry seems to be growing.

We even saw a fresh pair in the movie and we think they looked cute together.

The new Punjabi pair is that of Yuvraj Hans and singer turned actress Nimrat Khiara. The cast is wisely selected and we could see a talented line of actors like Guggu Gill, Nirmal Rishi and Hobby Dhaliwal. It’s great to see so many talented actors together in one movie, the script of which seems to be pretty strong.

Story and Script: The movie is from the makers of Angrej and Bambukhat. Both are award winning movies. This one is directed, produced and written by the very talented Amberdeep Singh. Seems like he had so much faith in the story that he wanted to do everything by himself and ace it.  Lahoriye is a story of two loves who are separated by political borders but they have faith in their love and  that's what makes the story more interesting.

Both the girls, Sargun Mehta and Nimrat Khaira look pleasantly pretty on screen and their costumes and make up is just apt for their characters. Sargun looks every bit of a Pakistani girl and the passa and sharara with wavy side parting is icing on the cake.

Subodh Srivastav, the costume designer has done a good job!

Final verdict:

Thumbs up to this team for doing something creative , entertaining and new. They are purely working on script driven movies and like most of the producers say 'saadi film vakhri hai' I'll say that 'Jihne Lahoriye Nai Dekhi Ohne Kuj Nahi Vekhya'!

We're just keeping our fingers crossed for this movie to turn out big and successful :-)

I'm hooked to the music in the background.

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