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'Guardians Of The Galaxy...' Sequel Perfect Entertainer, Say Team

By: Neena | April 11, 2017

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" is yet to release, but the forthcoming film's team including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista have asked their fans around the world to brace up for the 'best film' in the history of cinema as they started their press and promotional tour on Monday.

The actors along with the film's director James Gunn got their star power to Tokyo to start the countdown for the film, and also interact with fans.

At the red carpet, Pratt, who essays role of Peter Quill also nicknamed Star-Lord in the film, said: "I know it is the best film."

In a special message to all his Asian fans, Pratt said: "I love you all, dream big and enjoy the movie. We made it so that you can have 2 hour 17 minutes of sheer fun - so sit down and enjoy the ride."

With the backdrop titled 'Awesome Mixtape #2',the second part of the 2014 film "Guardians of the Galaxy" will take further the team's adventures as they traverse different cosmos to protect their world. This time, the storyline will explore family values and also unravel many family truths and mysteries.

Written and directed by Gunn, the film marks the return of the original Guardians -- including Pratt, Saldana as Gamora; Bautista as Drax; Vin Diesel as the voice of Groot; and Bradley Cooper. It will release in India on May 5.

Gunn emphasised that while the humour and action will remind audience of the first film, the story is totally new.

"It is a different from the first movie but it has all the same humour and action."

The anticipation for the sequel is high, and Gunn says that it doesn't make him nervous.

"I was excited after the first movie. I thought I can do better in the second movie. It was a more touching experience in the second movie to know that there are all these people who are waiting to watch the film," he sai, adding that while making the first part, he was a bit lost.

"In the first one I didn't know if I was making a movie for anybody else at all. Now, I have all these fans waiting for the film. It is exciting."

Saldana -- who picked a black attire with a bit of bling for the event-- mentioned that while the make-up process was lethargic and tiring, she loved shooting with guns for the film.

Between her role in the forthcoming sequel and "Avatar", Saldana said she will pick the latter since it's so easy to do.

"In this movie, it is more traditional form of make-up...And 'Avatar' is more of motion capture. I just put dots on my face and it reads all my face expression and then it is dumped into a system and they paint it. So I would much prefer do that. It is easier and I get to sleep a bit more."

Taking the topic to her gun-toting sequences, the actress said: "It was all James' idea. I would rather go the traditional way with swords. But he wanted to add a layer and create dynamic that my role Gamora has. It was fun to do."

From fans turning up in costumes of different popular characters of the movie to some channelling look of superheroes, the venue was buzzing with cheers, claps and whistles.

Pratt, who looked sauve in a neat blue suit, feels it is important to promote films in different countries as it gives a chance "connect with fans on face to face basis".

His wife and actress Anna Faris also made a special appearance at the red carpet of the film event. Pratt said he is taking the opportunity to show a new culture to his family.

"I have got my wife, my son to Japan to witness the Cherry Blossom. It is a new opportunity to see a new country and culture," said Pratt, who seemed at his witty best and was seen making small jokes at the red carpet while interacting with fans.

In presence of Japanese artistes who dub for the Japanese version of the Hollywood film, the team pressed a button starting the countdown for the film, leaving the fans all the more excited.

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