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Here's The Reason Why Diljit Is Promoting His Turban Way Too Much These days!

By: Raman | April 6, 2017

The internet seems to be flooded with words of appreciation for Diljit Dosanjh and his turban and we too are happy that he's been promoting Sikhism and building respect for our religion but off lately he's been talking way to much about his turban and it kinda made us wonder as to what he's upto.

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An actor who is mostly seen wearing a snapback has started talking a lot about how he loves his turban and we don't doubt that but overdoing it and that too on national media got us suspicious.

We did our little research and to our shock we were right that it's not pure love but something else.

It's all a PR strategy and that too  for his next titled 'Super Singh'. This much talked about super hero flick will show Dosanjh getting super powers after wearing his magical turban.

So that's why he's all turban turban these days!

Well..yes and what's disappointing is that his PR team knows just how to play around with the religious sentiments of those innocent fans of Diljit, who literally idolise him.

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We are definitely not against him or his promotional strategies but what we intend to tell everyone is that Sikhism is not all about wearing a turban. There's much more to it which probably never gets talked about especially by this actor.

Atleast one should not use religion for commercial reasons.

Rabb nu ta chadd do yaar! (Shameful)

Produced by Balaji Motion Pictures and Brat Films, Super Singh is getting set for a summer release in June and we are eagerly awaiting it's release to see what the film has to offer.

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