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Street Talk: What Would You Do If You Get A Time Machine-Out On Spotify

By: Krishma | March 15, 2023

“Time takes it all, whether you want it to or not,” as the saying goes. Nostalgia follows us throughout our lives; many of us may have regrets from the past, as well as wishes and hopes for the future. If one could, one would definitely like to shape time in one’s favour.

So that’s what we talked about in the most recent episode of Street Talk. Karishma went out and asked random people what one thing they would change if they had a time machine. Also Read : Team ‘Yaar Anmulle’ Reunites & Nostalgia Is Hitting Us All Really Hard!

In the episode, many people expressed a desire to return to their school days, and many regretted their choice of stream, which is completely unrelated to their career. This is so damn relatable! Isn’t it? Also Read : Badshah’s Physical Makeover Would Instantly Inspire You To Hit The Gym!

You can check out the varied reactions and opinions here! The show is out on Spotify which you may listen here! LISTEN NOW

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