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Vidya-Tab Punjabi Is The First Ever Punjabi Education Tablet!

By: Raman | March 29, 2017

Datawind has partnered with Vismaad, a developer of educational content in Punjabi to launch the first ever Punjabi education tablet.

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The tablet is priced at Rs.3999/-

VidyaTab-Punjabi has over 100 learning features that teach Punjabi language and Gurumukhi script, as well as all other educational quotients that enhance the knowledge base of students. Apps are high on entertainment quotient with attractive custom graphics and authentic Punjabi voice - overs for proven highly effective vicarious learning.

The application, developed by Vismaad, includes: form and diction of Punjabi alphabets, word formation, Gurumukhi vowel signs, sentence-making, improving Punjabi vocabulary and basic Punjabi grammar besides other uses.

The Tablet has an array of features like educational videos based on history, folk stories and contemporary issues in classical cartoon animations. The tab also includes role play and interactive games in Punjabi language.

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A section has also been allocated to Punjabi rhymes and simple songs, which have been a great hit on social media. These rhymes help pre-school kids and beginners on Punjabi learning, understand basic concepts of Punjabi alphabets and counting, daily chores, rich cultural ethos and idioms.

VidyaTab-Punjabi also features a Reading Club with over 30 educational/ moral stories with multiple reading options.

The device is a calling-tab with dual-SIM option and integrates a seven-inch touchscreen with 800*480 screen resolution, featuring front and rear facing cameras with an Android operating system that runs on a Dual Core A7 processor.

With a capacity of 512MB RAM and 4GB flash memory, the tablet offers features like Wi-fi Hotspot, Wi-fi Direct, Bluetooth, GPS among others.

The VidyaTab-Punjabi includes 12 months of unlimited free browsing on the UbiSurfer browser. Covered by 18 U.S. and international patents, DataWind?s web delivery platform delivers a fast and affordable route to internet over all mobile networks.

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