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Manje Bistre Title Track Is Out And We Already Love This Movie!

By: Gurleen | March 15, 2017

The title track of Manje Bistre is out and it's voiced by Nachattar Gill, the guy with such a khulla gla that it surprises one ke aah bai ehna ucha kiven gaa lenda! (Phew)

(Manje Bistre's Trailer Just Made My Day! Whatta A Genius Plantation Of Characters!)

Wear your dance shoes aah I mean punjabi juttiyan and listen to this one with eyes on the video to realise that there's so much fun already in the songs ta movie ne ta siraa kra dena..That's what they say on social media right :-D

Evidently the film is a full family entertainer and the release date is 14th April.


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