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“Punjab De Haqq Ch Bolan Di Saza Hai Ke Main 12 Mahine Cho 8 Vaar Chatt Nu Rassa Paunda”-Shree Brar On His Recent Controversy!

By: Krishma | February 2, 2023

Popular Punjabi lyricist-singer Shree Brar has once again surrounded himself in a controversy with his recent released track, ‘Taskar’.

Actually, a lawyer has filed a complaint against the singer for allegedly promoting drugs and gun culture in the track.

In his response, Shree Brar went live on his social media to present his side of the story. In a nearly 21-minute video, the lyricist stated that he swears by Guru Granth Sahib that he would only speak the truth and requested everyone to share the video.

In the video, Shree stated he never opened up on what he is going through in his life because if he does so then most of the youngsters would be really disappointed. “I went through a lot during the farmer’s protest, received calls from so many gangsters and threats from various politicians.”

He never shared anything openly because he understands that people of Punjab too are helpless. At times, in order to come out of this trouble, he has paid extortion or requested with folded hands to be not wronged and that he would continue to speak for Punjab. Also Read : Lollapalooza India 2023: AP Dhillon-Shinda Kahlon Dazzle The Crowd, Divine Treats Fans With His Sidhu Moosewala Collab

Furthermore, he made a shocking revelation stating, “Punjab de haq ch bolan di saza eh hai ke 12 mahine ch 8 vaar chatt nu main rassa paunda…Sushant Singh vale halaatan ch aa janda han” but he motivates himself to do something for his state, Punjab.

He has also alleged that a politician had threatened him of tagging him as ‘attvadi’. He was also given death threats while he was in the police custody. He went on to claim that he cancelled all his shows in abroad because he has threats to his life.

In the live video he called those in power as ‘dalla’ and stated that he doesn’t mind the press conference held against him. He lashed out on the lawyer stating that the condition of Punjab is worse than that of Kashmir. Targeting the government, he said its better to have separate rules for Punjab because there are no such regularities followed for other streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube or films like ‘Pushpa’ and ‘KGF’. He went on to state that he has even given the disclaimer before the song and released the track owing to financial crunch. 

He concluded the live video by saying “main Punjab de haqqan ch likhdan rahanga, mere khilaaf jinniyan marzi saazishan kar lao” and requested the release of Bandi Sikhs.

You may watch the video here:

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As soon as the video was shared, several fans and followers including Rabbi Kandola and Lakha Sidhana extended their support towards Shree and called it a propaganda against him for raising voice for bandi Sikhs in his track, ‘Bediyan’.

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