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Funny : Here's Why Jimmy Kept Offering Muffins To Sargun On Jindua Sets!

By: Harloveen | March 11, 2017

Jindua, a film that will soon confront us with a unique combo of actors working together for the first time ever - Jimmy Sheirgill, Neeru Bajwa and Sargun Mehta, is going to hit the theatres on 17th March.

(‘I Hope The Rapport We Share Off Screen Doesn't Get Reflected On-Screen’, Says Sargun Mehta About Her Jindua Co-Actress Neeru Bajwa)

You do know that it's a love triangle and you also know that it's about the journey of an immigrant and the hardships he faces...but what you don't know is the reason why Jimmy Sheirgill kept offering muffins to his co-star Sargun Mehta on the sets of Jindua!

Jimmy fans at this moment might be going gaga over his sweet and caring nature but that's actually not the reason for this muffin gesture..

Then what is it?

It's because Jimmy wanted Sargun to gain some extra pounds!

Hain?? ROLF

Yeah and beat this he even used to offer her pizzas and other fattening food so that she adds a few inches to her waist for a simple yet mean reason that Jimmy looks younger opposite her!

Hahahahaha...what a thoughtful actor..haina!

(Photos : Jimmy Sheirgill Is Shooting In Manali For His Next Opposite Diljott!)

We'll share some more inside gossip with you about this movie..stay connected with us :-)

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